The somewhat eccentric Count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö built Teleborg’s Castle as a wedding gift to his young wife Anna Koskull. The castle was ready for occupation in 1900.  Only the best was good enough for Fredrik Bonde and he didn’t fail to give his fiancée something extraordinary.

Only the best was good enough

Two architects from Skåne , Harald Flourish and August Lindvall were commissioned to design the castle by Count Bonde and had to follow his very precise instructions. Granite and brick were brought from Torpa near Växjö and the Västervik area. The country’s most skilled plasterers and decorative painters were hired. Fireplaces and tiled stoves were shipped from Gothenburg and wrought iron work came from Copenhagen.

The total cost for the castle’s construction came to 192,772 crowns and 80 cents – a considerable amount at the time. When the castle was completed Fredrick and his wife Anna moved in.  Unfortunately happiness didn’t last long and just nine years later the count died and he was outlived by his wife Anna by eight years, she died in 1917. The couple were childless and it was the Count’s nephew Chris, who inherited the castle.

He tried to launch the castle as a guesthouse and  tempted it’s guests by electric lights, beautiful environment and skating on the lake Trummen.  After this the castle was rented out for ten years as a girls’ boarding house. In 1931 Chris Farmer had second thoughts and took possession of the castle for his own use and laid the castle’s park.  His son Fredrik Ulf Bonde took over in 1956 and until 1964 the castle was used mostly as a summer residence hosted by the owner’s sister Ulla Bonde.  Växjö city bought the property in 1964 and today the castle is owned by Videum AB and leased by Runosson & Co.

We try to preserve the history

The castle’s distinctive architecture and style, which still fascinates and inspires every visitor was Fredrik Bonde’s way of giving something unique. We who work at Teleborg’s Castle today have a lot in common with the count. We have carefully renovated and restored the castle to offer our guests something special. The exceptional environment remains in the castle’s interior and in the beautiful surrounding park.  Functional conference rooms, luxury in the bedrooms and the exciting menus in the dining room, all of which we have carefully added. Here you are welcomed to a castle with a formula for both creativity and recreation.

Anna Koskull must have felt both excited and curious when she first walked up the grand palace steps.  We hope to give you the same experience.