With us you will sleep soundly

We offer unique accommodation spread over several buildings. Each room is carefully decorated and has its own history.  We want you to experience being at home – but away.

We have a total of 30 rooms consisting of 8 suites, 15 double rooms and 7 single rooms. The hotel rooms are located in the castle, Gate cabins and Brygghus. At the castle the bathrooms, bath/shower and sauna are along the corridors, just as in the olden days. At the Gate cabins and Brygghus each room has a private bathroom.

To reserve a suite, contact us by phone or mail.

The castle

Here you can walk around in your bathrobe and slippers. Shower, toilet, bath and sauna are along the corridor just as in the olden days gone by. You can feel the history but the sleeping comfort is of course modern. Breakfast is served in the Knight’s dining room.

Gate cabin and Brygghuset, the Brewhouse

At the Gate cabins and Brygghus each room has a bathroom. The Gate cabins are located at the entrance to the Castle’s Park and the Brygghus is situated beside Lake Trummen. However all are within minutes of the main building. Breakfast is served at the Castle.

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or +46 (0)470-34 89 80